Today, we want to present the session by Andrzej Nowakowski titled: “Natural Language – modern user interface”. But let’s learn a bit more about Andrzej first.

malagapex - andrzej nowakowski

He’s an Oracle APEX integration developer with over 13 years of experience. Developer and moderator of the polish APEX Forum Blogger (, Founder,,

Regarding his presentation, Natural Language – modern user interface, here is a quick summary:

Developers since decades have used the same types of data input components like text fields, select lists, date pickers, etc. Although the style of interfaces is changing (other colors, other shapes or total other design styles),  they are still standard components. If the application must interact with public users or end users that can’t use a keyboard, a better solution is to use more natural interface. Until very recently, there wasn’t any alternative to standard GUIs. But this has now changed and you can build applications with modern, natural interfaces. One of the most popular interfaces is the voice recognition from Amazon… called –  Alexa. With Alexa, you can build natural voice applications that offer users a more intuitive way to use.

In this presentation, we will build a real-world APEX application to order Pizza via the voice interface. To build this solution we will only use APEX with ORDS and Alexa Kit.

You shouldn’t be missing such a great opportunity to integrate Alexa and APEX. That’s why you have to follow our Twitter account (@malagAPEX) and keep the track of the hash #MALAGAPEX18!


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