We also have speakers from the house, and today we’re more than pleased with talking about Trond Enstad.

Trond is a Norwegian Entrepreneur and technical IT consultant, working in performance analyst and very well known troubleshooter. Trainer, mentor and public speaker, Oracle DBA – operations, development and engineering, Infrastructure – planning, sizing and engineering, Nearshoring/offshoring, ITIL, Multilingual and facilitator, with more than 25 years of technical experience in IT industry. Owner and CEO of OracleTuningGuy.com and novoshore.com.

Regarding his presentation, Oracle APEX & NodeJS – a match made in heaven, here is a quick summary:

Live build session of backend server stats collection agent and apex front end in 40 minutes. Backend agent build with NodeJS (javascript) using Oracle’s NodeJS driver to insert stats into remote db. Front end is build with Oracle APEX, OracleJET and timer plugin.

Integrating this type of services adds a great value to our apps, so you better put an eye on this session to get a bigger picture of what you can do with APEX. If you don’t have your tickets yet, follow this link and get ready for this session! Follow Trond at his twitter account (@OracleTuningGuy), follow our own Twitter account to stay tuned (@malagAPEX) and keep the track of the hash #MALAGAPEX18!


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