For this edition of #MALAGAPEX18, there are some speakers who will be sharing more than one session with us. One of them is Richard Martens. We spoke about another of his talks in this blog entry regarding (how to) Validate User input with Oracle APEX.

malagapex - richard martens

However, he’ll have another talk titled “Restful services and Remote SQL in Oracle” and as we know you like to know a bit more than the title, here are some more details:

Apex 5.2 offers the “remote SQL” feature, a way to use RESTfull services straight from APEX. The presentation will show how to consume RESTfull services using HTTP(s), GET, PUT and POST, not only to ORDS (remote SQL) enabled services but also from MySQL or Postgres databases…

There is still one more session from Richard (he’s going to be very busy), so don’t forget to stay tuned to our Twitter account (@malagapex) to get the latest updates about #MALAGAPEX18. And if you haven’t done so yet, go to this link to get your tickets!

Richard’s Twitter handle is: @rhjmartens 

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