Roel Hartman is another speaker at #MALAGAPEX18 with more than one session. In this blog entry, we presented his session A Deep Dive into APEX JET Charts. 

malagapex - roel hartman

Today, we want to highlit the session titled as Top Ten Tweaks for the Interactive Grid.

The Interactive Grid is introduced in APEX 5.1 as a best of both worlds of Tabular Forms and Interactive Reports. Although a lot of settings are declaratively available within the APEX builder, there are a ton of features built in that are only accessible by JavaScript. In this session, you will learn how to use the most interesting “hidden” features with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Some examples:

  • Adding and removing buttons from the Interactive Grid toolbar.
  • Adding and removing actions from the toolbar menu.
  • Adding and removing functionality from the row level pop up menu.
  • Removing complexity on the column level.
  • Adding tooltips to a column.
  • Changing the layout of columns and headings.
  • Updating multiple records at once.
  • Refreshing (only) changed records within the grid.
  • Removing only deleted records from the grid – without a full refresh.

Something else you must know is that Roel is a very active user at twitter, so feel free to follow his account at @RoelH, and remember to check out our own twitter channel at @malagAPEX to get the latest news about the #MALAGAPEX18!

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