Richard Martens is a busy man and loves to share. At #MALAGAPEX18 he will be busy. As we said in this blog entry he’ll be sharing with us how to Validate User input with Oracle APEX, and in this blog entry, you can read about his session: Restful services and Remote SQL in Oracle.

malagapex - richard martens

Today is the turn of “Knock yourself out with APEX and knockout.js”. If the name is not explicit enough for you, this is the summary of the session:

Since Oracle JET has been an integral part of APEX we have the option of using knockout.js shipped with APEX. Knockout allows us to use the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) which is very strong in relation to database-data on the web. It allows us to create highly interactive and dynamic pages. Best of all you don’t need to install anything.

Richard also submitted few other abstracts, but it would be unfair from our side if we allow him to take over the whole conference. Any case, we might change our mind, so don’t forget to stay tuned to our Twitter account (@malagapex) to get the latest news on #MALAGAPEX18.

Follow Richard on Twitter: @rhjmartens 

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