We already spoke about this great and experienced Oracle ACE Director speaker, Heli Helskyaho in this other blog post, so if you want to know a bit more about her background, just follow that link and know a bit better about her DB experience.

malagapex - heli helskyaho

However, today we want to highlight her second talk, titled Machine Learning in Action. Here you can find a small draft of her session:

Everybody is talking about machine learning. What is it actually and where can I use it? In this presentation, we will see some examples how machine learning has been used and we discuss what kind of skills are valuable and needed when starting with machine learning.

Don’t forget getting your tickets if you haven’t done that yet, following this link, and get ready for this brilliant session! Follow Heli at her twitter account (@HeliFromFinland), follow our own Twitter account to stay tuned to the latest news (@malagAPEX) and keep the track of the hash #MALAGAPEX18!

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