We’ve already spoken about this prolific speaker and Oracle ACE Director: Roel Hartman. You can overview some other of his sessions’ content in this blog entry (regarding APEX JET Charts) and in this other one (where he talked about Interactive Grid tweaks).

malagapex - roel hartman

Today, we wanted to highlight his session named 3D – Docker for Database Developers. This intermediate level session will cover some great topics on this trending topic in our industry, to learn anything you need to know about Dockers. Here you can find a small abstract about what the session will cover:

This session will briefly cover the Docker basics, but then we will dive in into the more intermediate use of Docker.

We will walk through the following subjects:

  • What is Docker
  • Images, containers and basic concepts
  • Create and / or modify images
  • Use Docker Compose to define multiple dependent containers
  • Run multiple ORDS instances and a loadbalancer
  • Use Docker Swarm
  • Putting it all in the cloud

We’re really excited about all the sessions coming for  #MALAGAPEX18, so don’t forget to get the latest news at our own twitter channel at @malagAPEX, get some other ticket for your colleagues or for your employees at the ticket’s platform and don’t forget to follow Roel’s twitter account at @RoelH. Stay tuned for more!

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